Spanish Mastiff Livestock Guardian Dogs  

    Zelda (Azara de Majada los Robles)
DOB: 10//15

   Zelda has the most amazing and calm temperament and we couldn't be happier with her!
I have followed her kennel for well over ten years and have always appreciated the consistency
I have seen in their dogs. I am so pleased to finally have had the opportunity to import dogs
from Majada Los Robles. Almost all of their dogs go back to my all
time favorite kennel in Spain - Los Zumbos.
Zelda is extremely devoted to her goats and her people. Very sweet and loving and nothing
seems to faze her. Zelda shot up very, very quickly in height in her first 18 months and
she is a tall girl with quick and athletic movement

                                                       Zelda (18 months) and Bruno (Hosco de Tierra de Orbigo)

                                     10 months                                   9 months

9 months

                                           6 months

2 months


SIRE: Aquilles 1 de Majada Los Robles

 Aquilles de Majada Los Robles

Olmeda de Los Zumbos

         Zangarron de Los Zumbos

             Roja de Los Zumbos

         Trabanco de Trashamancia

      Cea de La Majada Los Robles


Cala de la Majada Los Robles

Trabanco de Trashamancia

Pantera de Majada Los Robles

             Rompe de Los Zumbos

        Zumba de Flores de Bazland


          Zangarron de Los Zumbos    

                Roja de Los Zumbos