Spanish Mastiff Livestock Guardian Dogs  
DOB: 2/07/09
height 31 inches, 168 lbs
Aislinn is very devoted to her family (especially my daughter Hilary) and has developed
into an excellent guard. Aislinn takes her duties seriously and takes her time warming up
to strangers. She is stable in temperament and very intelligent and alert. 
Aislinn is a very healthy and solidly built girl with beautiful and flexible movement.


                            September '12 with newborn pups                                 Dec. '11


                                    Dec '10                                             Dec. '10

                                         Dec. '10                                         Nov. '10

                                           Feb '10                     (Jan. '10)


                 Aislinn with Delilah  September '09                                           September '09

    September '09

                                           September '09 

    September '09

                                            May '09 

                         with brother Aristotle (in front) May '09                                           April '09

                                      March                                            March '09 

March '09

                                           Feb. '09

Delilah with "A" litter


 SIRE: Moses (Baron de Buxionte)

 CH. Ulises de Babia
 Rayas de los Zumbos


Delilah (Rawa z Doliny Czarnej Wody)

Delilah's father: Druso de Aljabara


Mother: Roza z Karolewka