Nigerian Dwarf First Fresheners

2012 Wisconsin State Fair
2nd place
part of our 1st place Exhibitors Herd

Heartland Tri Capra 5/12/13
2 x's 1st
Junior Champion Doe
Mo-Kan Dairy Goat Show
Sedalia, MO. 5/25
1st place
Ladysmith, WI. 6/1 & 6/2/13
4 x's 1st
2 x's Junior Champion Doe
1 x Reserve Junior Champion

2013 Wisconsin State Fair
Reserve Junior Champion

Heartland Tri Capra 5/11/14
2 x's 1st place

IDGA Show 5/17/14
3 x's 1st

Mo-Kan Show Sedalia, MO 5/24/14
2 x's 1st
Reserve Grand Champion

Fall Cree k BD Ariel
D.O.B. 5/27/2012

Lost Valley KW Raising Cain *S
Fall Creek RC Buddy
MCH Black Locust Porchia
MCH/CH Lost Valley Luc N' Bach *S
Fall Creek Matilda *D

Tho this picture doesn't come anywhere
near to doing this stunning doe justice,
Ariel has placed 1st all but one of the
16 times she's been in the show ring,
both as a junior and yearling milker!

I love this gorgeous and extremely dairy
little doe and have very, very high hopes
for her future!
She is stunning and the judges at each
show she has attended have all agreed!

Ariel freshened with a beautiful udder!
Well balanced, very well attached, nice
height, medial and teat placement too!

Extended Pedigree

first freshening udder

Fall Cree k GH Sassafras
D.O.B. 7/24/2014

Fall Creek RC Buddy
MCH/CH Lost Valley Naya 5*D
Fall Creek Leopold
MCH/CH Fall Creek Spice 2*D
MCH Fall Creek Cinnamon *D

A beautiful doe that captured my heart moments after being born!
She is maturing into a beautiful doe and I
am so pleased with her!

Sassy's first freshening udder is gorgeous!
Well balanced, very well attached and a wonderful fore udder! She is producing
quite a bit of milk for a yearling too!

Extended Pedigree

Boon Companion Show, Sedalia, MO. 6/13 & 14
2 x's 1st, 1 x 2nd
Reserve Junior Champion
Heartland Dairy Goat Show
Cambridge, IL. 6/27/15
2 x's 1st
Reserve Champion Junior Doe

IDGA Spring show 6/4 & 6/5
Colfax, IA.
4 x's 1st
Reserve Grand Champion